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May 2, 2011 |  by  |  Innovation, Internet

How do you build a community of clinicians looking to solve medical challenges with improved devices, diagnostics, equipment, or implants?  Why not via the Internet? launched on April 26th at the annual conference, SAS11, of the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery (ISASS) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mike Sinsheimer (MedTech Catalyst) and Ken Solovay (ScrubStorm) Beta-launching the ScrubStorm platform at the ISASS Annual Meeting

ScrubStorm is a new Internet-based innovation platform for physicians and other clinicians to develop their ideas, including collaborating with peers and technical experts.  The open-cloud version of ScrubStorm is free to medical professionals, and available to medical device companies and venture firms for an annual subscription.

MedTech Catalyst, LLC has been partnering with physician inventors for a decade translating ideas into commercial endpoints and is now working with ScrubStorm to build various orthopedic surgeon-innovator communities.  According to Michael Sinsheimer, President of MedTech Catalyst, “ScrubStorm’s strategy is to build a following one medical specialty community at a time.”

Since orthopedic surgeons, and spine surgeons specifically, have a demonstrated history of innovation, ScrubStorm chose the ISASS annual meeting for the beta launch of the platform.  ISASS has agreed to partner with ScrubStorm, including recommending the platform to it’s members and promoting ScrubStorm on their website.

As part of the ISASS meeting, ScrubStorm’s president, Ken Solovay, conducted a workshop for surgeon innovators, including a tutorial on inventing and an interactive tour of ScrubStorm’s open-cloud site.  Portions of the tutorial will soon be available on the Healing Innovation blog.

In addition to the open-cloud portal website, ScrubStorm is working with medical device companies and institutions to utilize its platform in private-cloud sites for managing internal innovation teams working with clinicians.  These customized, invitation-only sites allow companies and institutions a process and tools for collaborating with both internal stakeholders and their physician customers.

Over the upcoming weeks and months, ScrubStorm expects to partner with additional medical specialty societies, hospital groups, and companies to make the open-cloud site a vibrant community for medical device innovation.  Companies can inquirer about membership at  Clinicians can sign-up for free at


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